About Us

Ek Aur: Cocktail Mixer Brand India

EK AUR as the name suggests means "One More", so we are adding One More reason for your celebrations and providing you with the perfect Bar-Like Cocktails at your home.

It was our endeavor to find the perfect balance of flavor, the perfect level of sweetness, the perfect choice of natural ingredients and offer you a unique luxury experience of drinking cocktails at the convenience of your home which were a Twist to the Classics.

EK AUR is the brand owned and marketing by Ampersand Beverages Pvt. Ltd.; The Company started off in 2020 amidst the pandemic as we saw a clear void in this beverage space and quickly realized that the consumer had very few options to choose from and that too they were definitely not an ideal beverage.

The journey began with engaging top Bar Academy’s and well renowned Bar Mixologists to develop unique flavors keeping in mind our mission of top-quality, healthy and natural drinks for the consumer. Thereafter the final flavors were introduced to a Professional Team of Food Technologists who through multiple iterations with us, finally developed our first 4 flavors for the market and consumer.

EK AUR finally went into production in October 2021 and we are now selling across various mediums and platforms both online and retail since November 2021.

The journey over a year to have got the best in class beverage has been quite interesting to say the least. Many many trials and tastings later, we have developed our initial flavors that are a perfect concoction of goodness and freshness.

The wait is finally over for a Real Signature Cocktail Mixer which will enhance your celebrations and drinking experience.

Cheers and EK AUR Ho Jaye!!!
From the Co-founders and teams at EK AUR


Ampersand Beverages was started in the year 2020, first as an idea by three friends Dheeraj Dhawan, Kanishk Saran and Vishvan Saran, and took shape into reality in the year 2021. Ampersand Beverages is a Mumbai-based Start-up Company that focuses on providing fresh and fruity Ready to drink mixes that can be consumed as a cocktail and a mocktail. The product has a varied flavor profile that will serve as a multi-purpose option to consumers who wish to either consume the beverage as a mocktail or prepare their favorite cocktails. Ampersand aims at the growing demand for beverages since the onset of the pandemic-driven restrictions by delivering them to your place. The mixes are based on low sugar and calorie, making it a healthy drink for the consumers. The line of products offered gives the consumers an element of twist to traditional cocktail recipes.


Ampersand Beverages is a Mumbai-based Start-up Company founded by Mr Kanishk Saran, Mr Dheeraj Dhawan and Mr Vishwan Saran. They have started the firm with the specific aim of customer convenience by getting the desired cocktail mix at your home without venturing outside at the present pandemic situation. The start-up company focuses on making people's lives more enjoyable and convenient even at the time of the pandemic. Anyone who enjoys drinks can mix the product with any beverage across the category like soda, tonic, or any sort of beverage. The company focuses on catering to the audience, smaller groups. Your favorite flavored beverage can be made by using the mix instead of buying each ingredient.