Berry Crush Cosmopolitan: Signature Cocktail Mixer

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Pack of 4 l 8 l 12 

Product Description : A mix for Gin and Vodka drinkers. This drink is inspired by a refreshing classic cocktail called "The Cosmopolitan''. Everyone loves a good Cosmopolitan, but its not the easiest to make at home. Berry Crush Cosmopolitan solves that problem by making your cocktail available with the quickest recipe. 

It's a delicious, spiked fruity mix that's a refreshing delight during any time of the day. After one taste, you'll quickly realise why it has long been a favourite bar drink. This drink is a mix of strawberries, raspberries ,cranberry,& grapefruit that goes well with Vodka or any white spirit of your choice. It's served over ice and you can make it as tall or as short as you like, or even mix it up by the pitcher.

Servings : 2 drinks per bottle

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